What managers need to be aware of in a post Covid era

E-Book by Karen Fleming

This e-book, The Domino Effect: What Managers Need To Be Aware Of In a Post-Covid Era is a MUST READ for anyone responsible for managing people in this ‘new-normal’ we’re working through.

Whether you’re a relatively new manager or a seasoned professional, there are new rules to the management game thanks to Covid-19.  

The rules aren’t just new. They’re a work-in-progress! This is unchartered territory!

No-one yet knows how well teams will gel when being put back together after so long working apart. The world has changed, circumstances have changed and people too have changed.

The only thing we know for certain is that there will be challenges until the new normal becomes normal.

This e-book is an essential guide for managers, L&D and HR professionals for 2021, outlining considerations and suggestions to help you get the best outcome for your people, your team and your organisation.

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