Building Your Resilience

Contrary to popular belief, resilience is not a fixed personality trait that can’t be changed. It’s not something you either have or don’t have. Resilience is an aptitude we all possess. It’s a dynamic state that changes over time. We all experience highs and lows in our levels of resilience at work.

There are many factors that impact our ability to deal with everyday stressors, recover from setbacks and thrive at work. Perhaps you’re feeling uncertain about your role at work, or even whether it’s the right job for you anymore. Maybe you’re experiencing difficulties with colleagues or your manager. Or, finding it increasingly difficult to keep on top of the demands of your job and still have a life outside of work.

The good news is that your resilience can be strengthened with some simple, practical strategies.

Regardless of the role that you work in, developing your resilience will help you to adapt to change, optimise your performance and be more productive and happier in your role.

How it works

RW-Individual-Model-with-Copyright.jpgAfter completing a short self assessment you will receive a comprehensive report with an overall resilience rating and a score for each of the 7 components of the R@W Sustain model. You then sign up for a series of 1-1 Coaching sessions to explore and develop your individual resilience, in a private and confidential setting.

Alternatively, you can attend one of our Workshops to explore the subject of resilience and learn about the strategies available, whilst sharing and learning with others.

All programmes are suitable for online delivery.

Book your Free Exploratory Session

This free Zoom Video Conference or Telephone session lasts approximately 20 minutes

We realise that working with a coach is a big deal.

You need to build trust in your coach and we need to be sure that we can help you. During this 20-minute call, we take time to understand your current situation and what you would like to achieve from your Masks and Mirrors learning programme.

This is not a sales call; it’s an opportunity for us to understand your personal challenge(s) and identify whether our services are suitable for your situation.

Your outcome:

A shared understanding of the benefits of working together and an agreement on the way ahead. If this means working together, then great, if this is not right for you, we will understand and thank you for your valuable time.

Pricing Information

Option 1:    Personal Coaching and Feedback- £195

Inclusive of the individual R@W assessment, your comprehensive personalised report, a 1 ½ hour 1-1 feedback and coaching session tailored to your needs and a workbook for your ongoing development.

Additional Coaching Sessions available @ £60 each

Option 2:  Virtual Group Workshop - £150

Inclusive of the individual R@W assessment, your comprehensive personalised report, a Workbook and 3 x mini online workshops.  The Workshops explore all 7 components of resilience and you will learn and share strategies for developing resilience.  During this 8 week programme, you will be paired up with a ‘buddy’ and support each other as you work through your resilience action plans.  Numbers are kept to a maximum of 6 to ensure a quality online experience.

All prices exclude VAT

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