Our Horses and Ponies are at the heart of our equine assisted coaching programme ‘Horse Sense’.  The joy and transformational learning they bring to our clients is truly amazing. 

sponsor.jpgTwo of our ponies here at Horse Sense are rescues.  Topaz and Bobby (pictured in the gallery below) came to us from Lluest Horse and Pony Trust.  Lluest meaning haven in Welsh, was founded by the remarkable late Ginny Hajdukiewicz who sadly passed away at the young age of 38 leaving the trust as her legacy.

Nestling against the Black Mountain in the beautiful Carmarthenshire countryside, the trust is dependent upon voluntary donations and fund raising activities. Today the staff at Lluest work hard to restore their rescued horses and ponies to full health, rehabilitating them and finding them loving experienced Guardian homes where they flourish and remain safe.

In these challenging times with volunteers now stood down, the small staff team soldier on, doing an incredible job day in day out for the vulnerable horses and ponies dependent upon their care.  They ensure their support and wellbeing 24 hours a day on the farm.  

They are at capacity and know there are still so many more horses and ponies that need help.   LLuest need our support.

Our support

Lluest Horse and Pony Trust has a very special place in our hearts and we wanted to do something to help.  We have therefore committed to donate £5 of every coaching session to the charity.  £5 may not sound much, but it will buy a bale of much needed hay.  

How you can help

If you can provide a small donation to support Lluest, please do so. a donation of any size is so very welcome.

£5 could provide a bale of hay for a rescue.

£20 provides enough bedding for a rescue for a week

£35 pays for a quarantine suit, of which staff members need two a day, with five ponies still in quarantine.

I'd like to donate