Josie.jpgI am a new member of the team here at Masks and Mirrors and I am excited about this great opportunity to work in the field of equine assisted learning. 

I am looking forward to working with our team of horses and ponies here and gaining a deeper understanding of equine behaviour. 

Since a young age, I have had a passion for horses and have always been fascinated by their individual personalities and what influences their behaviour.

In 2018 I completed my Level 3 diploma in Horse Management at Walford and North Shropshire college.   I am currently studying towards a degree in Criminology and Psychology and my ambition ultimately is to join the Mounted Police Force. 

With my skills, I hope to bring useful insights to my role at Masks and Mirrors, applying my knowledge of psychology, and supporting Karen on our Corporate Training Programmes. 

I hope to see you soon at one of our Corporate Team Away Days!