Horse Sense Equine Assisted Corporate Training

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them" - Albert Einstein


Why we use horses in our training

Training with horses generates fast, profound and lasting change in teams and their leaders. It is far more effective than traditional training or coaching and the results are immediate and dramatic. This is not counselling, and it is not therapy. Our equine assisted corporate training programmes involve participants gaining insight and understanding of business issues through the process of carrying out structured activities with horses. Horse Sense does not involve riding horses and no element of horsemanship is required at all.

How we use horses in training

Over the past 15 years, we’ve devised a unique and highly successful approach to equine assisted training, like no other. Practical sessions in the enclosed, outdoor space allow delegates to participate in activities with a horse that are representative of their current reality and their future goals. As they do so, the horse detects any internal ‘blocks’ that may be preventing progress. Your trainer, who is skilled at reading the body language of horses, will observe the subtle, non-verbal communication of the horse the delegate is working with. She will then use this instant feedback to generate discussion and draw out the learning with the delegate(s).

Once an action plan has been agreed, each delegate can repeat the activity, implementing the changes discussed. Results are observed instantly.

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“I really recommend Horse Sense to anyone - my day with your beautiful horses and their gentle persuasion in helping me find the right path was amazing.”

AS, Training Manager
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"This was probably the best coaching session I've ever experienced. I certainly recommend this for anyone who feels challenged either from a business or personal perspective. You have little to lose and a lot to gain."

KA, Chief Operating Officer

How can horses know what people feel?

It’s a common question that we get asked all the time. The simple answer is survival. Horses are prey animals. They operate at their best in a herd, not just for social connection but also for safety. Members of the herd communicate their emotions and intent to each other through vocalisation and an array of subtle body language.

In the wild, they depend on this communication between each other for survival. Horses are masters of body language. Trust is critical to our domesticated horses. Everything we ask of them in our domestic environment goes against their natural instincts. Therefore, to co-operate with a human handler, the horse must have the utmost trust in that individual to feel safe. A horse will trust in a human that is focussed, with a confident and positive intention, and who shows up as being truly authentic. Qualities that we need in good leaders and team members.

A familiar corporate feel

Whilst our outdoor environment with the horses provides a refreshingly stimulating learning environment, we appreciate that this will feel very alien to some.

That’s why we always start the day in the comfort of our training room with the familiarity of a flip chart, where delegates are put at ease with introductions, a safety briefing, some theory around team dynamics and of course, some freshly brewed tea and coffee!

Positive, lasting change founded in learning theory.

While we hope you and your team will find the day hugely enjoyable, Horse Sense is about achieving positive and lasting change for your organisation. We establish your objectives before the session and use these to structure training activities that deliver results.

Every session is aligned to Kolb’s Learning Cycle and all learning styles are catered for.

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“We became more aware of not just our own roles in the team, but each other’s too. And, what our preferred positions were. It changed the dynamics a lot in the team. Our roles stayed the same but the way we interacted together changed after that day. Everyone felt a little bit differently about themselves.”

Kieran Watman, Director

A safe space

Our delegates’ physical safety is our top priority. In addition to comprehensive safety briefings, we also insist that PPE is worn whilst working with the horses. We introduce the delegates very gradually to the horses and will limit the number of people and horses that work together at any one time. We also have a responsibility for our delegates’ psychological safety. We are very aware that horses can identify some hidden conflicts and incongruencies that can make people feel a little uncomfortable. Our job is to stretch comfort zones in a supportive and compassionate manner, forming an atmosphere of psychological safety by means of a learning contract and expert facilitation.

Money back guarantee

We know how much of a risk purchasing ‘alternative’ training can be. Which is why we offer a money back guarantee. We promise that actions directly connected to your programme objectives will be agreed and documented by the end of the day. If that does not happen, we will give you your money back. And, by the way, we also promise that this will be the most positively memorable training programme your people will ever attend.

Contact us today to book a free exploratory session to assess whether equine assisted coaching is going to be right for you or your organisation.

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You need to build trust in your coach and we need to be sure that we can help you. During this 20-minute call, we take time to understand your current situation and what you would like to achieve from your Masks and Mirrors learning programme.

This is not a sales call; it’s an opportunity for us to understand your personal challenge(s) and identify whether our services are suitable for your situation.

Your outcome:

A shared understanding of the benefits of working together and an agreement on the way ahead. If this means working together, then great, if this is not right for you, we will understand and thank you for your valuable time.

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