This 3 Month Virtual Programme is ideal for new or existing team leaders, supervisors or managers, who have not yet had the benefit of any Leadership Development

Whilst managing conflict is all part of the job for those who supervise or manage people, many spend far too much time dealing with disagreements and discord in their team.

Our EQ Kickstart Programme empowers your Team Leaders, Supervisor and Managers to take responsibility for their own behaviours and reactions. It delivers the skills needed to:

  • Regulate their own negative emotions.
  • Understand the perspective of colleagues or clients, even in emotional situations.
  • Maintain a healthy emotional distance from other people’s problems, whilst still being empathetic.
  • Make or refuse requests, whilst still preserving the relationship

Our EQ Kickstart Programme is a cumulative 3 month blended learning programme comprising 3 distinct modules. Each monthly module contains the following elements:

  • Pre-course activities that introduce new concepts and theories.
  • 3 hour Virtual Facilitated Workshop to learn and practice the skills required.
  • Post Course Activities to continue practicing the skills, and apply these to the workplace with the support of a Buddy system
  • Summary of Learning

We believe that our delegates’ own Managers are critical to the learning process. We therefore provide each one with a ‘How To’ Guide to support the transfer of skills into the workplace.

If you would like your Team Leaders, Supervisors or Managers to benefit from more harmonious and professional working relationships, contact us today.

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EQ Kickstart Programme
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“We have worked with Karen for a few years now and she has helped many of our team to grow and develop into our roles.  I feel I have now progressed in my role as a Manager, and whilst there are other elements to how I got here, Karen has played a big part in that.  I have now started using this service for members of my own team who want to progress.  Fantastic service, friendly, knowledgeable, and always professional”

SK, Veterinary Nurse Manager