Horse Sense - How Equine Assisted Coaching can help Leaders in your Organisation

Kieran Watman

Equine assisted learning is transformational. It shapes people, changes them at a deep level.

Horses are extremely good at teaching communication and leadership skills; they operate within the boundaries of a strong social system, where the herd leader must be able to lead and motivate the herd not by using their strength or power, but through attentiveness, trust and respect.

During a Horse Sense session, our Coach will invite the client to explore their current reality.    They will see immediately how their own actions and attitudes play out, as the horse gives immediate feedback through his body language and levels of co-operation.  

Faster results than traditional coaching

By observing how our horses react during the activities, how they co-operate during tasks, we get right to the heart of the matter, immediately. We don’t need to rely on what people tell us (which can sometimes be coloured, either consciously or subconsciously by insecurity or lack of confidence). The horses really do tell us all we need to know, there and then.  That’s why, all it takes is one session to achieve results.

More effective than traditional coaching

It may surprise you, but experience has shown us that our clients take feedback from a horse far more readily than they do from their manager or even a coach!  Perhaps it’s the surprise of seeing what they are really feeling mirrored by the horse’s reaction, but it makes people accept the truth far more readily than personality tests or talking.

Immediate Transfer of  Learning

Horse Sense is aligned to Kolb’s learning cycle; clients gain real experience of their issue as they play out the scenarios we set that replicate the challenges they face. We get to see their behaviours and attitudes played out and coach them in real time whilst they reflect on what has happened. Then they can try again and see immediate results and understand how the learning will improve performance back at work.

Enhanced Learning Environment

Equine assisted learning not only offers the benefits of the remarkable insight horses can deliver. Horses also allow us to access an optimum learning state, a balance and co-operation between heart, mind and emotions. People with high ‘Cardiac coherence’ (as it is known), feel, think and perform better. Horses experience high levels of cardiac coherence, and just being around them has a beneficial effect, enhancing the learning process.

What subjects are covered?

Equine Assisted Coaching can be utilised for a wide range of leadership challenges, including:
  • Identification of leadership style and areas for improvement
  • Improving communication and co-operation with colleagues and clients
  • Important business or career decisions that need reflection and exploration.

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