What we do

Masks and Mirrors is a B2B training consultancy. We facilitate behavioural change in business leaders, managers, and team leaders. We enable the talent in your business to grow to be better leaders of people.

We specialise in teamwork. We design and deliver solutions which increase trust and co-operation and reduce the misunderstandings that lead to negativity and conflict. We help teams create a culture of collective accountability that drives performance and results. And we build resilience in teams, so they can continue delivering in a changing business landscape, whilst managing the pressures of work – together.

How we do it

We use a range of training tools and techniques that deliver the best learning solution for your organisation - and your budget.

  • Blended virtual learning programmes
  • Webinars
  • Psychometric assessment
  • Facilitated Team Events
  • 1-1 Leadership Coaching
  • Equine Assisted Corporate Training

What’s in a name?

Masks and Mirrors is a metaphor for the way we work with participants on our programmes.

We help participants to:

Remove their metaphorical mask and discover their identity as leaders. We show them how they can be true to themselves whilst doing the right thing for their team.


Realise their own strengths and areas for development by raising self-awareness. Our innovative techniques mirror leadership and team behaviours, generating instant feedback.